Processed with iodized salt


We hear a lot about iodine and its benefits. Especially in the summer, the topic is on everyone’s mind, often because of holidays spent at the seaside, the desire to stay in shape and take care of our health. But most people don’t know what natural elements it comes from. To start with, iodine is found in different chemical formulations, in the air we breathe, in the soil, but above all in food. In vegetables, its presence depends on the soil in which they are grown while, in meat and seafood, it depends on the creatures’ diets. Without a doubt, the foods richest in iodine are those that come from the sea, like fish, shellfish and algae, but eggs, milk and meat also contain significant quantities.

Iodine is a mineral that contributes to the development and function of the thyroid gland (which is very important in regulating the production of energy by the organism) and is responsible for normal cognitive function, normal function of the nervous system and healthy skin. It also contributes to regulating basal metabolism and energy production by helping the organism to burn excess fat. The recommended daily dose is 150 micrograms for adults, 175 micrograms for pregnant women and 200 micrograms for nursing mothers, while on average the human body contains from 20 to 50 mcg.


Based on specific studies, it has been found that the population consumes an average quantity that is insufficient to satisfy the daily need of iodine.

How can we correct this deficiency then?

By using iodine-enriched salt in place of ordinary table salt. Every gram of iodine-enriched salt gives us 30 additional micrograms of iodine.



Citres is attentive to the wellbeing of consumers and tries to find production solutions focused on improvement of the recipes.

That is why some products are enriched with such an important nutrient, which can be of two kinds: those defined “SOURCE OF IODINE”, containing 20% of the daily iodine requirement per 100 g of product, and those marked “HIGH IODINE CONTENT”, containing 30% of the daily requirement per 100 g of product.

Citres products packed in oil are made with Protected Iodized Salt, which maintains the iodine value even after cooking. Our products thus offer important values of iodine, in line with a healthy modern diet, for consumers who are attentive to both flavor and health. Source of iodine (Regulation EC 1924/2006).

The only vegetables packed in oil with iodized salt.

Flavor is always associated with wellbeing in products that are not only enjoyable by nature, but also healthy!

Artichokes alla Giudea; Silverskin onions in sweet-and-sour sauce; Baby carrots in sweet-and-sour sauce; Medium onions in sweet-and-sour sauce; Jardiniere vegetables packed fresh; ‘Tutto dal fresco’ peppers and Borettane onions packed fresh.

Perfect as appetizers, or side dishes that add a perfect final touch to your most complex recipes, the “Source of Iodine” and “High Iodine Content” lines are excellent allies for mind and body!

For more information, see the official documents.