Tutto dal Fresco 540 g

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4.76 (iva inclusa)

Tutto dal fresco “All Fresh Veggies”

These veggies are processed fresh so that the colors are exceptionally bright and the flavor is incredibly fresh.

With Borettane Onions and chunks of yellow and red peppers.

Source of iodine. Made from fresh produce.

ALL FROM FRESH is irresistible with its sweet and sour flavor and crunchy texture, becoming a quick choice for appetizers and finger food.

TUTTO DAL FRESCO is a mix of red and yellow peppers cut into squares plus our famous Borettane Onions, the sweetest Italian onions.

You can eat it in just one bite or create tasty salads: just drip the veggies, and they’re ready to eat. In short, our mix is unmissable in the larder because it can establish new enjoyable habits between you and your loved ones.

Citres ALL FROM FRESH is a rare and unique proposal for your shelf. It’s delicious, appetizing, enticing, and furthermore good for your health!  

In fact, Citres cares for the well-being of its consumers and is in constant search for solutions that could improve recipes and the health of their consumers. That’s why we created a line of products made entirely with iodized salt. Our jars contain iodine in different percentages: those defined as “Source of Iodine”, containing 20% of the daily requirement of iodine per 100 gr. of product, and those “High in Iodine”, containing 30% of the daily iodine requirement per 100 gr. of product.

Another characteristic of this product is that all the vegetables inside are “Freshly processed”. Written on the label, this type of processing maintains a high organoleptic nutrient, leaving the vegetables crunchy and tasty without “stressing” the product that is soon after put into pots in a natural and simple way.

540 g

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Average values ​​for 100 g of drained product
Total Fat g0.3
Saturated Fat g0.0
Total Carbohydrate g9.6
Total Sugars g9.6
Dietary Fiber g1.2
Protein g0.8
Sodium g1.8
4.7 out of 5 stars