Taggiasche Pitted Olives 980 g

Taggiasche pitted olives,

Fleshy, dark black olives with a sweet delicate flavor

fruity fragrance, in water and salt, a delight!

Typical fruit of the Liguria region, the Taggiasca Olive is very popular in the kitchen, both in Italy and abroad. In fact, it is a very versatile product, exquisite on its own, suitable for any recipe, and able to satisfy every need in the kitchen. Citres’ Taggiasca olives are different: they are already pitted becoming tasty and practical!

Taggiasca olives perfectly match with countless dishes: you can create first and second courses, prepare finger food and delicious aperitifs, use them in traditional Italian recipes (such as Focaccia with olives). They can also be used in the preparation of strong-flavored sauces, on baked fish, and for cooking succulent dips. The fruity aroma and the delicate and sweet flavor finally make them particularly refined.


980 g

4.7 out of 5 stars