Sauteed mushrooms290 g

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Sautéed champignon mushrooms, thinly sliced.

The sautéed mushrooms are a tasty side dish and can accompany meat dishes, excellent with polenta or on bread, for delicious bruschetta or even to make great classics such as boeuf bourguignon.

They are also ideal on pizza or in other preparations like Risotto and Pasta.

In any case, the recipe for sautéed mushrooms is the one that gives the most emphasis to the flavor and taste of mushrooms and that is why it is proposed and used so much in the preparation of numerous other dishes.

The canning broth is a mixture of vegetable broth and spices with the addition of a little sunflower seed oil.

290 g


Average values ​​for 100 g of drained product
Total Fat g6.5
Saturated Fat g1.1
Total Carbohydrate g2.8
Total Sugars g0.9
Dietary Fiber g0.9
Protein g3.4
Sodium g2.0
4.6 out of 5 stars