Cherry Tomato Spread 1000 g

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Cherry Tomato Spread

a delicacy to try, the Mediterranean taste of dried tomato, intense and sour, has a sweet and tasty flavour and its major characteristic is that it’s chopped into pieces becoming the ideal spread for appetizing recipes.

Versatile and easy-to-use our Cherry Tomato Spread adds a sweet flavor to many dishes: you can spread it on Bruschetta, fill your delicious sandwiches as well as all the variations of focaccia, make savory pies and create tasty aperitifs with authentic and irresistible recipes.

This Spread is made of Ciliegino tomato which develops its fruit in clusters and each cluster can have up to twenty-five cherry tomatoes. The fruits of this vegetable are round, bright red, with a sweetish taste and are widely used in the kitchen to prepare salads but it’s also good eaten alone.

Made only with first choice ingredients, our Cherry Tomato Spread has a high concentration of tomatoes equal to 60% of the product, which is also cold prepared with a highly innovative technology that avoids the qualitative and sensory deterioration of the food, thus preventing the loss of the fruit’s aroma and keeping its taste and color intact.

Our spreadable cream is also good for people with celiac disease because it’s gluten free!

It’s a real delicacy to try:  the Mediterranean taste of tomatoes combined with a decisive sweet and sour taste make our Spread a delight to be used in an infinite number of ways.

preservative-free and gluten-free


1000 g


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Average values ​​for 100 g of drained product
Total Fat g47
Saturated Fat g5.6
Total Carbohydrate g7.8
Total Sugars g5.8
Dietary Fiber g4.3
Protein g2.8
Sodium g2.5
4.6 out of 5 stars