Grilled Borettane Onions 230 g

Ean code: 8000523002347

Grilled Borettane Onions, processed from fresh product, 100% Italian Onions.

Our Borettane Onions are perfect for making your dishes unique and irresistible!

Easily recognizable by their typical flattened bulb, Borettane Onions are versatile and highly appreciated for their unmistakable sweet flavor.

Compared to other varieties, these onions are characterized by a golden yellow color, and by a less pungent and more delicate smell. Borettane onions become a delight for the palate to accompany by different dishes!

The size used is the most prized 32/38 mm

230 g

Average values ​​for 100 g of drained product
Total Fat g5.9
Saturated Fat g0.8
Total Carbohydrate g11.0
Total Sugars g10.4
Dietary Fiber g1.3
Protein g1.1
Sodium g2.2
4.6 out of 5 stars