Medium Cucumbers 290 g

Ean code: 80127239

Medium Cucumbers sweet and sour.

With a fresh flavor and crunchy texture, medium cucumbers are perfect for salads, becoming also a quick choice for appetizers.

You can eat them in just one bite or create salads: just drip them, and they’re ready to eat. In short, our medium cucumbers are unmissable in the larder!

Citres Medium cucumbers are delicious, appetizing, enticing, and furthermore good for your health!

Size 120/160 pcs/Kg

290 g

Cetrioli Medi

Average values ​​for 100 g of drained product
Total Fat g0.7
Saturated Fat g0.5
Total Carbohydrate g2.0
Total Sugars g2.0
Dietary Fiber g1.3
Protein g1.1
Sodium g1.9
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