Mini Carrots 290 g

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4.17 (iva inclusa)

Crunchy baby carrots sweet-and-sour: you’ll love their fresh flavor and crunchiness!

Appreciated by young and old people, our mini carrots are the ideal snack to eat in a hurry and delicious addition to saladsCrunchy and tasty, they’re also super healthy: freshly processed, they’re a source of iodine( 20% of the daily requirement) essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid.

Iodine is a mineral that contributes to the development and functioning of the brain, the nervous system, the skin, and by supporting the basal and energy metabolism it helps the body to burn excess fat. Our jars contain iodine in different percentages: those defined as “Source of Iodine”, containing 20% of the daily requirement of iodine per 100 gr. of product, and those “High in Iodine”, containing 30% of the daily iodine requirement per 100 gr. of product.

One of the main characteristics of our Mini Carrots is that they’re freshly processed soon after they’re picked up. Written on the label “Lavorati dal fresco/Freshly processed”, this type of processing maintains a high organoleptic nutrient, leaving the vegetables crunchy and tasty without “stressing” the product, that is soon after put into pots in a natural and simple way.

Our Mini are irresistible, with their fresh flavor and crunchy texture they are versatile and tempting, enriching your favourite sandwiches and adding an extra touch to your meals.

You can eat them in just one bite or create tasty saladsjust drip them and they’re ready to eat.

In short, our Mini Carrots are unmissable in the larder!



290 g

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Average values ​​for 100 g of drained product
Total Fat g0.2
Saturated Fat g0.2
Total Carbohydrate g8.6
Total Sugars g8.6
Dietary Fiber g2.9
Protein g1.0
Sodium g1.6
4.6 out of 5 stars