Salted Capers 70 g

Ean code: 80128106

Salted capotes capers in salt from Morocco quality “Roccia di Safi”.

Typically Mediterranean, the capers give flavor to the dishes.

Suitable to accompany fish, the still closed bud of this climbing shrub is a Mediterranean excellence.

They come from the Mediterranean area (Morocco).

They’re the perfect dressing for a simple pasta, try this recipe: our Alacce, sun-dried tomatoes, tuna and our little capers! Yummy!

Sundried to maintain all the original fragrance of the product.

Excellent to flavor cold dishes (Vitello Tonnato) or hot ones (Ccciatora meat).

Calibro 9/11 pcs/Kg

70 g

Capperi medi

Average values ​​for 100 g of drained product
Total Fat g0.7
Saturated Fat g0
Total Carbohydrate g3.9
Total Sugars g0.0
Dietary Fiber g3.0
Protein g1.7
Sodium g25
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Tuscan liver canapes

Chicken liver canapés are a classical Tuscan antipasto and this recipe comes from Dany ©Idee Ricette. Try it with our capers packed in salt!

4.6 out of 5 stars