Box Olimpiadi


Summer returns to warm up with the enthusiasm of great sporting events and to make us live moments of sharing and cheering!

To pay homage to the Tokyo 2021 Olympics and the European Football Championships, Citres puts in place two exceptional formations, two new exclusive boxes representing the quality and original flavors all Italian, to accompany the sporting spirit with tastings of deliciousness.

Choose your favorite products and train creativity by making tasty snacks to share with family and friends or enjoy in total relaxation. A delicious idea to make the vision of competitions even more enjoyable or to appease nervous hunger waiting for the final result of the races.

Lots of fun and a victory in favor of all-round well-being in boxes customizable with fresh, natural products, rich in nutritional values, mineral salts and vitamins that make them ideal for sultry summer temperatures.

Dial your box now!

Box Olimpiadi

Bundle Total0.00

Aglio alla Siciliana 290g Citres

Garlic "Sicilian Style" 290 g

3.76 (iva inclusa)
Crema di Pistacchio Salato 200g Citres

Salty Pistachio Spread 200 g

5.60 (iva inclusa)
Crema di Olive Nere Citres

Black Olives Spread 200 g

3.24 (iva inclusa)
Bomba Calabrese Piccante 200g Citres

Calabrian Bomb 200 g

3.10 (iva inclusa)
Olive Taggiasche Citres

Taggiasche Pitted Olives 200 g

3.82 (iva inclusa)
Frutti del Cappero 290g Citres

Capers' Fruit 290 g

3.57 (iva inclusa)
Crema di Carciofi 200g Citres

Artichokes Spread 200 g

3.20 (iva inclusa)
Carciofi interi 290g Citres

Artichokes Heart 290 g

4.20 (iva inclusa)
Carciofini Rustici 540g Citres

Rustic Artichokes 520 g

5.36 (iva inclusa)
Mini Carotine Croccanti 290g Citres

Mini Carrots 290 g

3.54 (iva inclusa)
Mini Cetriolini croccante in agrodolce 290g Citres

Mini Gherkins 290 g

3.24 (iva inclusa)
Crema di Radicchio Citres

Red Cicory Spread 200 g

3.12 (iva inclusa)
Funghi alla Boscaiola 290g Citres

Wild Mushrooms 290 g

3.72 (iva inclusa)
Giardiniera 290g Citres

Jardiniere 290 g

3.17 (iva inclusa)
lupini sgusciati

Shelled Lupines 290 g

3.68 (iva inclusa)
Olive verdi giganti intere 290g Citres

Green Giant Olives 290 g

3.34 (iva inclusa)
Mini peperoncini 290g Citres

Mini Hot Peppers 290 g

3.64 (iva inclusa)
Peperoncini Lombardi Citres

Peperoncini Lombardi 260 g

3.64 (iva inclusa)
Pesto genovese Citres

Genovese Pesto 200 g

3.17 (iva inclusa)
Pomodorini Ciliegino Citres

Cherry Sundried tomatoes 200 g

3.27 (iva inclusa)
Pomodori Secchi 290g Citres

Sundried Tomatoes 290 g

3.52 (iva inclusa)
Filetti Pomodorini Secchi 290g Citres

Strips Sundried Tomatoes 290 g

3.52 (iva inclusa)
Pronto Toast 290g Citres

Vegetables Spread 290 g

3.36 (iva inclusa)
Pesto Genovese 1000g Citres

Genovese Pesto 1000 g

7.30 (iva inclusa)
Pesto Rosso 1000g Citres

Red Pesto 1000 g

7.15 (iva inclusa)
Crema Carciofi 1000g Citres

Artichokes Spread 970 g

7.20 (iva inclusa)
Bomba Calabrese 1000g Citres

Calabrian Bomb 980 g

7.00 (iva inclusa)
Pronto Toast

Pronto Toast 960 g

6.30 (iva inclusa)
aglio alla siciliana sott'olio

Garlic "Sicilian Style" 1000 g

7.50 (iva inclusa)
Capperi al sale 1000g Citres

Salted Capers 900 g

7.75 (iva inclusa)
Pomodori secchi 1000g Citres

Sundried Tomatoes 1000 g

7.80 (iva inclusa)