Pratical in the kitchen

The Citres R&D division endeavours to seek out easy-to-use, high-performance products that are both convenient and original.

Quality products, ready to serve and facilitate you in preparing meals and making everything quick and delicious.

For a lunch on the job, in the office, or a picnic in the park, but also to optimize and save time every day, these products are ideal for preparing simple, tasty dishes and they’re handy, practical and healthy.

Olives already sliced into rounds, dried tomatoes neatly filleted, julienned salad vegetables, filleted eggplants, diced vegetables for your rice or pasta salads.

There’s also delicious Genovese pesto for a quick pasta dish with pesto and shrimps, for example, bruschetta to serve with ricotta meatballs or sliced artichokes for a crusty vegetable pie… your creativity will be inspired…

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