Processed Fresh


The point of pride for Citres that its products are always processed fresh, and all the products bear the label “Processed Fresh”, which means that they are prepared using only fresh vegetables in season.

The calendar of the seasons is the best way to process fresh vegetables and pack them in jars to offer the finest quality in terms of flavor, aroma and cruchiness.

The Artichokes, the Silverskin Onions, the Medium Onions, The Borettane Onions, the Jardiniere, the Mini Carrots, the Peppers, the Shallot and Tutto dal Fresco are made with fresh vegetables.

The processing done by Citres leaves the vegetables crisp and flavorful and maintains a high nutrient organoleptic. The product is never stressed, but is packed in the most natural and simple way in glass jars.

This type of processing that Citres has decided to continue using takes considerable effort when it comes to planning production – which is done only once a year – as well as storage.

The timing windows for fresh processing are very short and depend on the weather, which can delay the ripening of one product and anticipate another. Citres monitors the farms of its suppliers constantly to ensure timely delivery in line with its production estimates.

Silverskin and medium onions are harvested in June and July, Borettane onions in September-November, Artichokes in April-May, Jardiniere vegetables between October and December, Baby carrots in August and September, Peppers in June-September, Shallots from September to February and the ‘Tutto dal fresco” red and yellow peppers and Borettane onions in August-September.