Citres & Gianesin, Canepari and Partners: to improve a business organization

From the left Bison Simone, Bellè Mariangela, Imberti Nicola, Compri Lorena, Gianesin Nicola, Mis Angelo, Zanato Marzio

An enthusiastic and 360 ° start that saw Citres present itself at CIBUS 2021. Delicious news, new graphics and a more solid company organization perfected thanks to the support and skills of Gianesin, Canepari and Partners (GC&P).

“Our reality was born in 2008 with the aim of helping small and medium manufacturing enterprises to improve production, logistics, commercial and development processes. This is not a mere cost management but a real growth path that will help companies to achieve great results in full potential. The work of Gianesin, Canepari and Partners thus becomes essential to shape the company organization; a process that finds its strength in inserting the necessary resources, if and where they are needed, enhancing those already present in the company. “ Thus Nicola Gianesin, Chief Executive Officer of GC&P.

Working in synergy with people and colleagues is essential for Citres. The path with Gianesin, Canepari and Partners started from the desire to improve ourselves from an organizational point of view to work in the best possible way to coordinate ourselves in the best possible way and as a team.

“Analyzes were carried out on the behavioral styles of key figures and department managers. All the figures of our teams have agreed to get involved by taking the opportunity to develop new skills, increasing their value. It is a journey that does not end, it is a working method that has allowed me to acquire the tools to manage my activities in a more objective way, leaving aside the emotional aspects that can create conflicts and friction to look at the goal in a more objective way, concrete, directing actions to achieve the result. ”

Mariangela Bellè, marketing manager of Citres, was the first to get involved and embark on a new growth path flanked by Marzio Zanato, expert for GC&P Change Management, who explains:

Active listening is the most important thing because it allows needs to emerge. The first step is to understand the needs of the company, what results it wants to achieve and define a clear vision. We know the production capacity and the mission, we are aware of knowing how to do certain things but we often lack the perspective towards the future, the “where we are going”, and I believe that one of our abilities is to go to understand and intercept the needs of the realities that we support. Another important aspect is to confront. Bringing examples of companies that have worked on the same issues, and obtained good feedback, allows us to put new customers in front of concrete prospects also in economic terms. The Team Cooking event held by Citres, for example, was a great success, was circulated and now many other companies have begun to obtain information and information on this type of activity to apply it to their own reality as well. We are beginning to understand that this is not a game but an important moment of alignment in which we go to strengthen the team. This is an important step within a broader path that allows people to get involved by becoming aware that they themselves are the basis of business growth. Working on the organization helps to give greater value to companies; if, in addition to having product quality, production process and advanced technology, you also have a good organization, the company will be solid and open to any type of innovative growth. “

Strengthened by these new skills, Citres is ready to increase its presence in international markets. The products of the Veronese canning company are already present all over the world and find great appreciation in Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden and Norway), Germany, Australia and the United States, with gradual introduction also in Eastern Europe. After a year and a half of absence from the fairs, the genuineness, naturalness and taste that distinguish Citres will also be presented at the next fairs of Anuga Cologne and PLMA Amsterdam. Lots of news to communicate and new potential.

Press release October 2021

4.7 out of 5 stars