A story of Verona’s creativity and good taste




In Verona, city of excellent food and fine wine, in 1958, an inspired local businessman named Renzo Compri founded a small company, completely managed by a family of ancient traditions, which sold its products in the city and its surroundings, with the brand COMPRI RENZO.

Right from the beginning the company revealed its special genius, zeroing in on the tastes and trends of the most demanding palates, and its great success led to the need to upgrade the entire production system to the highest technological level.

So in 1975 Mr. Compri Renzo chose to invest all his resources in the construction of a new plant. From that moment on he decided to brand his products with the trademark “CITRES COMPRI” and to turn his single-owner business into a corporation.

With the introduction of innovative production systems, Citres became highly competitive and could finally extend its horizons and manage a much larger, more organized distribution network. The high quality standard it had achieved enabled Citres to grow steadily, in harmony with the demands of a constantly evolving market, also gaining a strong position abroad.



In 2005, works were begun for the construction of a plant that will rise on an area of 30,000 sq. m, in the new industrial zone of Bovolone in the province of Verona, which will project the company into the top 10 companies in Italy for production capacity. Our mission, our constant devotion and passion for our work, our continuous modernization and new ideas, are the elements that lead us every day to pursue new undertakings, without ever abandoning the traditions of our founder.

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