Established as a family business in the province of Verona in 1958, we have now expanded worldwide. Since the early years, so many aspects of everyday life have changed for all of us.

By teaming the enthusiasm and knowledge of local produce of our founder with the potential offered by technological innovation, Citres is today a preserve company with a high production capacity and low environmental impact that sources and produces guaranteed, traceable products designed to make everyday life easier and tastier.

Our values can be summed up in perseverance, innovation and a passion for what we do.

Being passionate about our work is one of the secrets of our success.

Oggi Citres si estende in un’area di 30.000 mq sviluppando 3 magazzini logisitici gestiti ad ubicazione con una capacità totale di 10.000 posti pallet, un reparto ricezione materie prime con celle frigorifere, un laboratorio analisi, il reparto produttivo ed imballaggio.

During seasonal peak periods the company can manage orders of up to 60.000 packages a day, or about 600.000 jars; using innovative technologies such as the automatic transfer of orders to the warehouse and the management of the finished product at the site greatly reduces the time necessary to fill orders, guaranteeing domestic deliveries within 5 working days.

Il reparto produttivo garantisce una produzione di 10.000 vasi l’ora per i formati più piccoli e 5.000 vasi l’ora nei formati destinati al settore Foodservice.

The plant is able to produce up to 12.000 jars a hour of the smaller sizes for domestic consumption and 6.000 of the large jars sold to the food service industry.



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